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  • RVIST :: News And Events


    This is to inform the public that there is a message circulating

    in the social media claiming to be from RVIST. The Institute is

    hereby stating that it is not an official communication from the

    Institute. Please seek correct information from the Institute.


    RVIST 14th Graduation Ceremony ON 24TH OCTOBER 2019

    The Principal, Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology (RVIST), on behalf of the Board

    of Trustees, Board of Governors, Staff and Students wishes to inform all graduands who have

    qualified for Artisan, Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma awards that the 2019 Graduation

    Ceremony will be held on 24THВ  October, 2019.

    Venue and Time

    The Graduation will be held at the Main Campus Graduation Square from 9.00am.


    Graduands are advised that it is mandatory to settle their financial obligations.

    Academic Records and Registration

    Graduands will be required to verify the correctness of their names and other course details with their respective Heads of Departments. Graduands are also required to register at the office of the Registrar at Main Campus.

    Graduation Gowns

    Graduands are expected to be in full academic attire for the graduation ceremony. Graduation gowns will be available for collection from the Central Stores Office upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Ksh.2,000.00.





    P.O BOX 7182 NAKURU

    TEL: 0720 66 82 38

    Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Website: www.rvist.ac.ke



    Notice from the Kenya National Examinations Council ~ KNEC

    Release of November 2017 Post School Business and Technical Examinations Results.




    Reporting date for continuing students is on Tuesday 5th September 2017

    Reporting date for new students is on 7th September 2017

    All Students are requested to report at the MIS Office

    Please note that NO Cash payment is allowed at the Institution. The following are the modes of Payment to be used;

    1. Bank Deposit Slips

    2. Cheques

    3. MPESA Pay Bill No. 557642

    Students with fees problems are advised to apply for HELB Loans and Bursaries through www.helb.co.ke



    The Higher Education Loans Board invites applications for 2nd and subsequent Loans and Bursary for the 2017/2018 Financial Year. For a pleasant online experience, please ensure that you read, understand and follow the instructions provided at the beginning of the online

    Loan and Bursary Application Process found on the HELB Webstite; www.helb.co.ke
    All the Best and Be Blessed!

    RVIST Agribusiness Expo 2017

    The Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology-RVIST is pleased to invite you to the 8th RVIST

    Agribusiness Expo to be held at RVIST Grounds. This is an annual event that is organized and

    Hosted by RVIST in partnership with other key stakeholders enabling you to exhibit and

    showcase your products and services that appeal to the agricultural sector.

    The RVIST Agribusiness Expo creates a platform for interaction and showcasing new technologies,

    innovations and agribusiness models that would help new and existing agribusinesses become

    more efficient, sustainable and profitable. We work together with The Ministry of Agriculture,

    Livestock and Fisheries in the organization of the Expo; in tandem with the government policies

    and development agenda which include; Kenya Vision 2030, Food Security, Youth and Women

    Empowerment, Science, Technology and Innovation promotion and capacity building in the

    Agricultural Sector in Kenya

    The Expo is organized by mobilizing livestock farmers, cereal/crop farmers and farm machinery/Implements dealers, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Agro-Chemical companies, Universities and line Government Ministries among others to participate in exhibiting their latest innovations and technology of products and services at the Expo. In last year’s Expo, 18 exhibitors participated with over 3,000 farmers attending. The experience has indicated that the Agribusiness sector in the region has a potential and interest for investment growth.

    The RVIST Agribusiness Expo 2018 Theme is:  “Enhancing Value Addition through Innovative Technology for Food Security and Sustainable Agribusiness”

    The event will be held at the Institute grounds on 3rd and 4th of August and the Exhibition fee is Ksh. 25,000/=

    Kindly note that Entry is Free to the General Public.

    In line with the above theme, our expectation will be as follows:

    • Mobilization of Livestock Farmers, Cereal Farmers (and other Agronomists) and Farm Machinery dealers to exhibit during the fair/Expo.
    • Involvement of a broad range of stakeholders as participants
    • Incorporation of firms dealing with value addition for Agribusiness sector
    • Mobilization of Financiers and Sponsors of Agribusiness investments
    • Involvement of Risk Mitigation Agencies
    • Promotion of value added products
    • Creating awareness among the Youth concerning the diverse areas of Agribusiness
    • Direct sale of products and services

    The activities that will help us to achieve these objectives will include:

    • Demonstration plots
    • Livestock exhibitions
    • Farm machinery and implements exhibitions
    • Exhibition of Agriculture and farm machinery and innovations in the sector
    • Publicity to involve the stakeholders in promotion of their products
    • Networking of stakeholders in the agribusiness sector (finance and service providers, sponsors, farmers, farm machinery dealers and trainees/agribusiness technologists).

    In addition to the above, as a sponsor you can also participate with the Institute during the road shows that will be organized to publicize and promote the Expo and as well get an opportunity to promote and market your products and services. The RVIST Agribusiness EXPO 2017 Sponsors were; Cooper K-Brands Ltd, AMACO, FMD East Africa, Coca Cola Nairobi Bottlers, Technology Farm & Deloraine Estates, Hygienic Butchery and RVIST

    For more information, kindly contact Paul on 0721762497 or Mayrose on 0725727474



    We are happy to receive and host our Partners from DELTA College, USA. They are here to sign/

    Renew the Partnership Agreement for the year 2015/2016. Thank you DELTA for your continued

    Support and Partnership. God Bless!








      ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFICATION


      Date: 18th February 2013;

      Celebration of ISO 9001:2008 Certification

      Official Opening of the Science Laboratories and the New Administration Block

      Launch of Policy Documents/ Strategic Plan 2012/2017


      Time: From 10:00 AM

      Venue: RVIST Grounds





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