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    Hospitality and Tourism Services Department

    Head of Department

    Joshua Langat



    Hospitality and Tourism is a multidisciplinary field of study with the purpose of preparing people with the expertise, commitment, and skills for management, marketing, and operations positions in the expanding industry that provides food, accommodations, and tourism services to people away from home. As a field of study, Hospitality and Tourism is interdisciplinary. It draws upon a wide range of basic disciplines to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills that are required to fulfill the diverse demands placed upon individuals in positions within the hospitality industry.

    The Hospitality and Tourism Service Department offers a rigorous hospitality courses which allow students to obtain a broad and deep knowledge in regards hospitality thereby preparing them to success in the Hospitality Industry. Furthermore, students can concentrate on a specific field within the industry such Food & Beverage, Tourism Management, Garment making and Fashion and Design. Students are continually exposed to experiential learning opportunities through classes, practical workshops, field trips, and student club activities.

    At the end our program, the students are prepared and excited to be the leaders and contributors to industry and society.

    We hope you find the information useful and would welcome your Comments and Queries.

    Thank you

    Joshua Langat

    HOD Hospitality and Tourism Services Department- Email; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


    Courses offered in the HATS Department;






    Artisan in Garment Making

    3 terms



    Artisan in Food and Beverages

    3 terms



    Craft in Fashion and Design

    3 terms

    September / January


    Craft in Food and Beverages Production and Service

    6 terms



    DiplomaВ  inВ  ClothingВ  Technology

    6 terms

    January / May


    Diploma in Food and Beverages Management

    6 terms




    Diploma in Tourism Management

    2 terms per Module

    January / May September


    Craft in Tour and Guiding

    2 terms per Module

    January / May/ September


    Higher National Diploma in Food and Beverage

    8 Terms

    January / May

    Please apply to:

    The Chief Principal RVIST P O BOX 7182 NAKURU, enclosing copies of ID card, Birth Certificate, academic certificates(Result Slip / leaving certificate) В and non refundable fee of Kshs.500/- to be deposited in RVIST A/C Nakuru Branch at either Kenya Commercial Bank 1101786221 or Co-operative Bank of Kenya 01129087643400. Deposits may be made at any branch country wide. Include your mobile number in your application letter.В  Accommodation is limited and only available at the Main Campus.


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